About Us

Carlene. Mother of 4. Surrogate Step mum to the rest of the B2BK kids. Possibly the hairiest member of the team she’ll also bench press the shit out of us, and then downward dog on top of our weak bodies. Reads books at the speed of light, she’s our “nature girl”

Micki. Mum of two boys and a new baby girl. You’ll find Micki running before the sun is up, drinking champagnes at the Kingy pub at 11am or completing an entire university degree in one weekend.

Rachel. Rach is nocturnal and does all her best work at night time. She is a mother of 4 boys of all sizes and ages and recently rode a horse in Mongolia (and no that’s not code for something sexy)

Helen. Mother of 3 boys aged 8,4 and 2. She’s tired. Need we say more? She gives the best hugs and laughs louder than the rest of us put together. Just don’t ride next to her on a bike. Cooks all the things and ran a half marathon preggers, ’cause she crrrrraaaaazzzzyyy.

Roxy. Mother of two. Thought the first one was going to be the hectic one so had another. Has since found out that she breeds tornado children. You’ll catch her wearing sneakers, pulling things out of her babies mouth, chasing her 8 year old down the street cause she’s not wearing her helmet, or drinking too much