Taking three ‘active’ boys on this tour, I’m not going to lie, I was a tad nervous as to how that would work out! Boat + water + confined space generally equals chaos in my household but my nerves were totally unwarranted. From the moment we arrived at the boat there were back to back engaging activities for them (and us!) to enjoy.

We started off the tour by feeding the fish on the jetty whilst everyone was getting ready to hop onboard. After getting assigned our own table on the boat, we were given fish to feed the wild pelicans with as we set off. First stop – pumping for yabbies in the Tweed River (tip: depending on the tide you may want to bring a pair of boardies/shorts you don’t mind getting a bit wet and shoes you can easily slip on and off). I’m not sure who loved this more – me or the boys!

Next stop was pulling up the crab pots to see what had been caught! We all learnt SO much about crabs and the local area (and what I’m actually eating when I order the soft shell crab off the menu) and the boys were really impressed with the haul of mud crabs!

Last stop before heading back in we all got to have a go at fishing with the yabbies we’d caught earlier – all of the equipment needed for the tour is provided and the reels for fishing were user friendly – the two year old caught a fish straight up (the husband was not so lucky)! We loved our morning out with Catch a Crab – it was a really informative, fun and engaging tour – and lets be honest it’s not a bad part of the world to be cruising around in! The tour ran for just over 2 hours – departing at 9.30am – but check out Catch a Crab for current times.

*and if you’re looking for a sneaky adults only arvo (or with the kids!) their new deck overlooking the river was just being finished when we were there and rumour has it they’ll be serving oysters, bubbles and beer very soon!

For more info on times and to book a tour visit Catch a Crab