We love spending time in nature with our kids! Here are some great nature-based activities to do with your kids at home or at your local park.

Nature Scavenger Hunt;

Write a list of nature treasures that are common in your area and have your little one collect each item in a basket. We love collecting seed pods, sticks, dried leaves, flowers, stones, shells and pine cones. Turn it into a numeracy activity by having your child collect a certain amount of each item and count them together. Remember to collect mindfully!

Clay Play

Clay is a wonderful material to create things with kids. We collect nature items and create clay critters or even clay faces on trees! Remember to buy clay from a local pottery store or supplier, most shop bought clay contains micro-plastics.

Rock painting

We collect rocks from our local park, take them home and paint them and then put them back in the park for other children to find. If you would prefer not to take rocks from nature, you can buy river rocks from Bunnings to paint.


Collect some nature treasures, gather some wool or strips of fabric and weave around them! We find pine-cones and poinciana seed pods particularly good for this experience.

Mud or Sand Pies

Good old mud pies! What is a childhood without a few of these mucky goodies being created? Add a few items from around your garden to get really creative! If you are really adverse to a bit of mud, try sand pies instead.