One experience that I have always wanted to go on with my kids is horse riding. Recently, I was lucky enough to take my 10 year old daughter on our first bush to beach trail at Zephyr Horses, Byron Bay. To say the experience was amazing would be an understatement – we were both blown away; not only by the adventure itself, but by the amazing staff and the beautiful horses.

   Arriving at Zephyr Horses is an experience in itself! We walked into a quaint and rustic garden with a gorgeous cottage and were greeted by Meg, who had us feeling relaxed and comfortable straight away. We then got to meet the horses! You can tell by the way the staff interact with each horse that so much value is placed on their care; each horse had a beautiful temperament and seemed that they had been picked specifically for each rider. My daughter had a fantastic little pony named “Bubba” and the two of them hit it off straight away! Under Meg’s gentle tutelage it wasn’t long before she got the hang of letting Bubba know what she wanted. I was paired with the gentle “Ziggy” and as a rider with minimal experience Ziggy knew just what to do with a nervous Mumma! Loving and gentle all the way!

We went on the bush to beach trail and the scenery was sublime – so relaxing and peaceful. I was able to really sit back and enjoy the ride, especially with my daughter so well taken care of by Meg and Bubba. Claudia, who also assisted the ride had us all laughing with her lovely bubbly personality.

The group we were with was small and personal, with all levels catered for. They ensured they we were comfortable at all times and were so knowledgeable about riding, horses and the terrain. Many times, I looked over at my daughter and she had a huge grin on her face! She wrote this about her experience at Zephyr Horses and with Bubba;

‘I went horse riding at Zephyr Horses with my mum and it was my best day ever! I had a pony named Bubba. He was the cutest! He was really gentle, and I loved him. The best part was when we got to trot along the beach at Byron Bay. I was really good at it, but mum wasn’t! Meg was nice to me and told me everything about horses and riding. Now I want a horse of my own……Mum????’

Georgia, 10
Thanks Georgia!!  

I would rate our ride with Zephyr Horses as one of the best adventures I have had with my daughter. We made memories that will last a lifetime. We loved it and can’t wait to go back!

Zephyr Horses Passes The Kid Friendly Test Because….

The caring and attentive staff. Beautiful and peaceful horses. All riding levels catered to (8years +) Awesome scenery and adventure!

Bubba was the perfect kid’s horse
Belongil Beach, Byron Bay
Thank you Zephyr Horse Riding Byron Bay

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