As a Mum of four kids, I’ve done my fair share of gift buying. Some gifts are awesome and some have been, well, meh. So, I’ve compiled a list of what have been our favourites over the years.

Board games – We LOVE Friday board game night! It means popcorn. It means pizza. It means wine (for me anyway!) and it means competition!!! Our favourites are UNO (especially UNO Attack), Monopoly, Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit – Family Edition. We are all so excited when we open up a new board game on Christmas Day. This is the one we’re getting this year it looks dangerously fun!

Magnatiles – These are hands down one of the best toy investments I have ever made. My kids have ADORED getting creative with these and they literally last years and years. They are an investment, but well worth it.

Experiences – My kids number one gift is definitely an experience! We’ve done movie tickets, theme park tickets, indoor play centres and roller skating. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Passes were a big hit for us last year.

Mini-Gardens – Planting a garden is a great experience for all ages. And kids are more likely to eat food they have grown themselves! Winning! Make sure to buy some seeds to go along with your garden. We picked our garden up from here

Slip ‘n’ Slide – Want something FUN to do on Christmas Day? Every year we rig up the old slip ‘n’ slide and off we all go. Mum and Dad included. It’s hilarious, painful and FUN!

Lego – Oh, the old standby. Good old Lego. Every child (and adult!) in this house has loved Lego and we continue to add to our collection every year. We still have Lego from when Hubby was a kid (some 40 years or so ago!)

Please tell us your favourite Christmas gifts for kids!