Christmas! Joy, fun, togetherness and presents! Yay! But what do we do when the big day is over and we have a pile of rubbish to get rid of? Luckily we’ve done a bit of research to find out some eco-friendly ways to dispose of the aftermath.

Wrapping paper can be recycled! According to Planet Ark most wrapping paper can go in the recycling. Metallic paper, on the other hand, can’t be disposed of responsibly. Either reuse it, or don’t buy in the first place.

Only certain plastics can be recycled. Recycling is actually quite a complicated process and only a few plastics actually get recycled. Milk bottles, plastic bottles and cups, ice cream tubs – all recyclable. Plastic wrapping around toys are not, and will go straight to landfill. Try to buy toys with limited packaging.

Unwanted gifts? Easy! Regift! This may sound ungrateful, but passing on a gift that’s not needed is better than it sitting in your cupboard for the next 5 years.

Your Christmas Tree – If it’s a small, real Christmas tree it can go in your green waste. If it’s a big one it may need to go to a composting service. Check with your local council to see what services they offer for disposing of trees. Plastic trees can not be recycled.

Foil trays are recyclable. If, like me, you hate having to clean out the oven tray after cooking a roast for Christmas lunch, a foil tray can actually be recycled. Wash it out and roll it into a ball, before recycling it.

Food Waste is a big problem at Christmas time. Start with only buying what you need, so you don’t over cater. Then utilise leftovers as much as you can over the next few days. Maybe contact local charities and see if you can donate any excess. If you have to dispose of food, try to compost it.

For tips on creating a sustainable Christmas, see our post here.

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