With the seasons slowly changing and Autumn nearly here, we thought it would be fun to gather some beautiful and fun Autumn craft activities to do with the kids. Here are some that are easy to do at home or at your local park.

Stone Painting; Collect stones at you local park, or buy some river rocks from Bunnings and paint beautiful designs and pictures on them. Leave them in a special place at the park for other children to discover.

Make Some Mud Pies! Put on your messiest clothes, find a space where the kids can go wild and create some mud pies! The weather for this has been perfect lately. So much MUD! Collect a few Autumn leaves and seed pods to decorate your mud pies and have FUN!

Weaving with Pine Cones and Sticks; Collect a range of different nature items that have fallen in your garden, or in your local park and have fun weaving with them. We like choosing natural coloured wool or string, but you could create some great rainbow weaving too! Just wind the string\wool around in any way you like. It’s easy and fun!

Clay Creatures! Another messy activity, but so much fun! Lots of Autumn nature items, some clay and lots of creativity! Clay is usually easy to find at your local pottery place. We get ours from here. If you prefer a tidier version of this make playdough creatures. Our playdough recipe is here.