Housework! Never ending, relentless, joyless, frustrating and frequently icky (parents of boys…am I right??) Getting the kids to help and contribute can add to the mayhem, but it is important to teach them life skills, responsibility and the importance of contributing to family life. So, here are some ideas for getting the kiddos involved in household chores.

Consider age and abilities – Having developmentally appropriate jobs for each age group is essential for ensuring kids do what is within their capabilities. Something too hard can be frustrating, something too simple will mean kids get bored easily (a list of jobs by age are at the bottom of this post!)

Have a ‘family meeting’ – Kids will feel important and valued if they have a say in their job list. It’s also great to reiterate how their contribution really helps the family.

Do chores together – It makes chores way more fun and interactive. And they learn from you!

Put your favourite playlist on and dance – No explanation needed. Housework is way more fun with tunes!

Praise positive behaviour – Makes kids feel good about themselves. let them know what a valuable member of the family they are!

Have a list of who does what and when – My kids have the same jobs each week and know to check it off our list. It makes us all accountable and means I have to nag less!

Chores for different ages –

2 – 3 years – Pick up toys, put clothes away, set the table for dinner.

4-5 years – Start some simple “cooking” tasks, water the garden, help to hang out washing, help with groceries, wipe down bathroom sink

6-8 years – Feed pets, Hang out washing, bring in washing, put washing away, help with groceries and meal prep, keeping bedroom tidy

8 years and older – Wash and dry dishes and put away, take rubbish out, vacuum, start to cook meals (with supervision) gardening