Friends are such an important and essential part of life, but there is something special about “Mum” friends. You are deep in the trenches of parenting together, facing the same trials and joys. Having someone down the other end of the phone or text message, going through the same challenges can be comforting and necessary for keeping a bit of sanity! Mum friends “get it,” they are there for the highs and the lows, for the vomit , the teething, the first steps and the last day of school. Here is why “Mum” friends mean the world to this group of Mum friends at Burleigh to Byron Kids!

Judgement-Free Zone

Knowing you have a group of gal pals that do not care if you have served chicken nuggets for 3 nights running or that your kid just wore pajamas all day because they refused to get changed…….because it’s quite likely they are going through the exact same thing. Mum friends don’t care about the nutritional value of your child’s food…..or their smelly pj’s, they just love you for you.

They Understand When You Cancel Plans

The kids are sick, the baby just did a number 3 in the car seat, you’ve slept exactly 2.5 hours in the past week or you just can’t muster up the enthusiasm to leave the house. Mum friends totally understand when plans just can’t be kept. She’ll send you over an Uber Eats (with coffee!) and reschedule for another day.

You Don’t Need to Keep Up Appearances

Mum friends don’t care if you haven’t visited a hairdresser in 2 years, that you are wearing the same unwashed Kmart leggings you had on last week and that you smell vaguely of baby sick. Mum friends aren’t even aware that you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, because they look exactly the same.

You Don’t Have to Clean

See the point above, but change it to your house. Massive piles of unfolded washing? Food stains on the couch? Dishes in the sink from last night’s dinner (or is that breakfast?) Mum friends only want conversation and coffee, and the coffee doesn’t even have to be hot.

You Always Have Someone to Talk To

Motherhood can be tough……..and isolating. Having a close group of mum friends to share the daily grind with lifts the everyday. And if you are up at 3am AGAIN with a restless kid, chances are one of them are too. And the world seems less lonely.

Mum’s Nights Out!

When you do finally get a night away without kids, hilarity ensues. Letting a group of child-free ladies loose on the world is a dangerous thing! And how good is it to eat a meal without being interrupted a million times? Unless of course it’s to laugh hysterically with your amazing Mum friends!