If the hectic at times Laguna Playground isn’t your style, walk just a little bit around the corner and you’ll find this little playground surrounded by a great park area and BIG undercover shelter that’s perfect (and popular) for a kids party or group gathering.

The equipment is fully shaded and there’s enough there to keep kids happy for a while. A set of swings, slide, rockers and climbing poles and frame. Definitely bring your picnic rugs, balls and even bikes and scooters to ride around the lake (if they’re confident and won’t fall in!!)

There’s also ducks and sometimes swans in the lake, but PLEASE remember the rules for feeding ducks.
Bread is a no no
No crackers for quackers
It’s actually just better to not feed them if you can help it.

Image credit: @thespruceofficial

Playground Checklist

Toilets (close by) ✔️
BBQs ✔️
Cafes/Shops nearby ✔️
Shaded ✔️
Parking ✔️
Grassy Area ✔️
Accessible Equipment/Wheelchair Friendly

Find it at

Laguna Ave, Palm Beach

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