I’d like to say I’m the parent who doesn’t need to hide veggies in her children’s food and that my offspring will eat a plate full of broccoli, capsicum and pumpkin…however this is definitely not the case! These easy green pancakes are a winner in our household and we sometimes have them for dinner with a side of bacon. Good to freeze for lunchboxes too!

100 g of oats or oat flour
2 bananas
4 eggs
50-60g baby spinach (I freeze rough amounts in ziplock bags ready to go but you can easily use fresh from fridge – I find it blends easier from frozen)
Butter (or oil) to fry
Topping of choice – we use maple syrup or honey

1. Blend oats in high speed blender for around 20 seconds to make flour – you DON’T need this step if you are already using oat flour
2. Add all other ingredients and blend for 30-40 seconds until smooth
3. Add butter (or oil) to hot frypan and fry pancakes on each side until browned
4. Serve with topping of choice