OK so if you’ve never left the house in a rush, or “just popped out for a sec”, or discovered too late that someone has used the last nappy in your bag and found yourself in the middle of your own personal shit show with NO NAPPY in sight – do you even parent?

GoNap are the genius invention of local Palm Beach Mum Kristy who has come up with this super handy all in one change pack with a nappy, wipes and change mat all in the one packet.

Throw one in the car, one in the pram, one in your nappy bag and leave a few at Nanna’s place and NEVER be stuck in a nappy-less emergency ever again!

GoNap is also eco conscious which is so great. Their bamboo nappies are 61% biodegradable and the wipes and change mat is 100% biodegradable, both made of corn starch & biodegrading in less than 3 months.

They also come in swim nappy packs that are great for the swimming bag, beach bag and car.

Need a baby shower gift…..THIS is it!

GoNap is available to buy online at www.gonap.com.au