Sigh! Housework. We all have to do it. But how can we make it quicker and easier so we can get onto the important stuff? Here are our favourite house cleaning hacks!

Laundry Basket Hack

If you are anything like me, you spend half your cleaning time carting around all the cleaning supplies from room to room. So, I purchased a cheap laundry basket, and everything goes in there. Much easier than armfuls of cleaning stuff.

Cleaning Windows

Add a bit of Dishwasher Rinse Aid and water to a spray bottle and you will have amazing streak-free windows.

Line the bottom of the oven

My least favourite job is cleaning the oven. I line the bottom of the oven with foil to catch all the nasty spillages that can be so hard to clean. It makes things a bit easier when I finally get around to scrubbing it!

Take a photo of your fridge and pantry

Do you ever get to the grocery shop and have completely forgotten what you need to buy?? Me too! Now I try to take a pic of my fridge and pantry before I go so, I know exactly what is in there!

Soak baked on dishes with laundry powder

This is a magic little tip I picked up from a Nigella Lawson book years ago! When you have a tray or pan with really baked on food, add a good sprinkle of laundry powder to the soaking solution and leave it overnight. It will come up like a dream the next day!

Clean Plastic Toys in the Dishwasher

When the plastic toys get just a bit too funky, a good sanitise on the top rack of your dishwasher should see them sparkling clean again.

Get a hand-held vacuum cleaner

With little kids comes spills and crumbs. Quickly grabbing your hand-held vacuum to suck them up instead of carting out your big one saves so much time!

Clean your grout

Did you know that whitening toothpaste gives grout a really good clean? I use an old toothbrush and a dash of toothpaste to give mine a regular scrub!

The damp sock trick!

Put a damp sock on your hand and use it for dusting. Fans, blinds, windowsills, any dusty surfaces!