Found in the Byron Bay Recreational Grounds. This area is not just a playground. Its home to a number of sporting facilities including basketball/netball courts, soccer, football, hockey fields plus a cricket pitch and tennis court.

The little playground that can be found within the grounds is FENCED. That’s right a nice high fence the whole way around this fairly basic but entertaining playground. Designed more for the little ones its a lovely shaded spot with seating where you can watch them play.

A small slippery slide, swings and a little climbing fort with tunnel are whats on offer. This is a great sport of you have a few children of different ages with you. The bigger kids can be entertained by the basketball court right next to the fenced playground.

The Recreational Grounds are within walking distance from a few small cafes and parking is free around surrounding streets.

Playground Checklist

Cafes/Shops nearby ✔️
Fenced ✔️
Shaded ✔️
Parking ✔️
Grassy Area ✔️
Accessible Equipment/Wheelchair Friendly

Find it at

Tennyson Street, Byron Bay

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