We’re all trying to reduce our waste and live a bit greener. But it can all seem daunting to begin with! Here are some simple tips to get started when trying to go green

Keep Cups! These are great quality and last forever. Keep one in your bag or car, so that you can just grab it when the coffee cravings hit. A great idea would be to buy all the coffee drinkers in your family one for Christmas.

Produce Bags – Eliminating plastic shopping bags was a step in the right direction for the environment, but what about the little plastic bags you put your fruit and veg into? Luckily you can pick up fabric produce bags at most health food stores. Easy!

Stainless Steel or Bamboo Straws – Throw a couple in your bag and refuse the plastic one at your local smoothie shop. The marine life will thank you!

Do a bit more than Recycling – Unfortunately the recycling practices in Australia are not great. Start to refuse plastics, buy things in glass so you can reuse them and purchase your fruit and veg loose. Let Coles and Woolies know you are unhappy with their excessive plastic usage.

Start a Compost! This might sound scary, but you can easily purchase counter top compost buckets or the plastic tumblers from Bunnings. Less food waste and fantastic fertilizer for your garden!

Plant a Garden. Choose some seeds and plant some veges in the garden. Growing your own lessens impact on the environment and gets the kids involved! Also, seeds make a great Christmas present for kids!